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About Orchard Core

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Orchard Core is a redevelopment of Orchard CMS on ASP.NET Core.

Orchard Core consists of two different targets:

  • Orchard Core Framework: An application framework for building modularmulti-tenant applications on ASP.NET Core.
  • Orchard Core CMS: A Web Content Management System (CMS) built on top of the Orchard Core Framework.

Building Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions with the Orchard Core Framework

we can build modular and multi-tenant applications using just Orchard Core Framework without any of the CMS specific features.

Building Website with Orchard Core CMS

Orchard Core CMS supports all major site building strategies:

  • Full CMS. In this mode, the website uses a theme and templates to render your content, aiming for little to no custom development at all.
  • Decoupled CMS. The site starts off blank, apart from the content management back-end. You create all the templates you need with Razor Pages or MVC actions and access your content via the content services.
  • Headless CMS. The site only manages the content, and you create a separate application that will fetch the managed content using GraphQL or REST APIs.

Orchard CLI Commands

Installing the Orchard CMS templates

  1. use release:dotnet new -i OrchardCore.ProjectTemplates::1.0.0-rc2-*
  2. use dev branch:dotnet new -i OrchardCore.ProjectTemplates::1.0.0-rc2-* --nuget-source

Generate an Orchard CMS Web Application

dotnet new occms

Generate a modular ASP.NET MVC Core Web Application

dotnet new ocmvc

Create a new Ochard CMS module

dotnet new ocmodulecms

Create a new theme

dotnet new octheme -n "ThemeName.OrchardCore"

Visual Studio Manually

Need to check “include prerelease” in include dev branch.

Create an Orchard Core CMS application

  1. Need to reference OrchardCore.Application.Cms.Targets

New Application (not clear with this)

  1. Need to reference OrchardCore.Application.Cms

New module from Visual Studio (manual way)

  1. Need to reference OrchardCore.Module.Targets NuGet package

New theme from Visual Studio (manual way)

  1. Need to reference OrchardCore.Theme.Targets Nuget Package

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